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Making Plans and It Feels So Good 04.12.2021
Hitting the Beaches in Baja 11.09.2020
Road-tripping in the Southwest 10.31.2020
La Paz 4.0 10.13.2020
Living in La Paz - Yup I Said Living 08.13.2020
Locked Down in La Paz 05.31.2020
Staying at Home in La Paz 04.21.2020
Where Would You Go? 03.29.2020
Watching the World Go Crazy in Koh Tao 03.17.2020
Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Bangkok 02.19.2020
Nha Trang: Buddhas, Waterfalls, and Tết 01.27.2020
Good Morning From Vietnam! 01.22.2020
Tenerife & Lanzarote - Amazing in Their Diversity (Part 2) 12.02.2019
Tenerife & Lanzarote - Amazing in Their Diversity (Part 1) 12.01.2019
Time Out In Tenerife 11.15.2019
A Week in Magnificent Marrakesh, Part 2 11.09.2019
A Week in Magnificent Marrakesh, Part 1 11.06.2019
Cyprus: Craft Villages, Monasteries, and Archaeology 10.27.2019
On Cyprus it's Still Summer 10.14.2019
Family Fun in Miami Beach 10.02.2019
Back "Home" in Miami Beach 09.21.2019
Chillin' with Family in Illinois 09.18.2019
We're Splitting (Split)! 09.04.2019
Oh Croatia - You Are So Beautiful! (Part 2) 08.31.2019
Oh Croatia - You Are So Beautiful! (Part 1) 08.29.2019
Exploring Split and Planning Arrradventures 08.15.2019
Beaching in the Balkans 08.05.2019
Nîmes, the Camargue, and Pic St Loup 07.30.2019
Finding Moderation in Montpellier 07.11.2019
Magnificent Montpellier 07.03.2019
Lisbon, Porto, the Douro River, and Beyond 06.29.2019
Impressions of Sintra, Portugal 06.17.2019
Cádiz and Jerez de la Frontera and Amsterdam - Oh My! 06.12.2019
Last Days in Málaga 06.03.2019
Exploring Southern Andalusia and Seville 05.26.2019
Living Like a Local in Málaga 05.22.2019
A Long, Strange Trip to Málaga 05.07.2019
Back In The US of A 05.01.2019
Roatán, Honduras - A Caribbean Paradise 04.25.2019
Goodbye Panama, Hello Honduras 04.11.2019
More Q&A - Cuz' Why Not 04.04.2019
Marking One Year on the Road 04.02.2019
Adventures in Beautiful Boquete 03.31.2019
Bocas to Boquete - Two Sides of Panama 03.30.2019
Living is Cheap, Travel is Expensive 03.27.2019
Watching the World Go By in Bocas 03.17.2019
Sailing Cartagena to the San Blas Islands, Panama 03.13.2019
Cartagena de Indias and the Rosario Islands 02.27.2019
Observations on Travel in Colombia 02.20.2019
(Re) Learning to Travel SLOW in Medellín 02.18.2019
First Impressions of Medellín, Colombia 02.16.2019
Made it "Home" to Medellín 02.13.2019
Adventures on Our Way Out of Baja 02.09.2019
East Cape BCS Adventures 02.02.2019
More Family Fun in Baja Sur 01.30.2019
Wasting Away the Days Down in Baja 01.08.2019
Guadalajara Good Times 12.17.2018
Baja California Sur - Where Winter is Like Colorado Summer 12.04.2018
Dia de Los Muertos and 2019 Plans 11.13.2018
Exploring Our Surroundings in La Paz 10.30.2018
Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape 10.24.2018
Public Art in La Paz 10.16.2018
Feeling at Home in La Paz 10.05.2018
Life in La Paz as Fall Begins 09.25.2018
Settling into La Paz 09.13.2018
Driving the Baja Peninsula, Part 2 09.05.2018
Driving the Baja Peninsula, Part 1 09.05.2018
Recapping Arrr US Adventure 08.26.2018
Adventures in Utah and Reflections of Life on the Road 08.19.2018
Kickin' up the Dust in Durango - Part 2 08.17.2018
Kickin up the Dust in Durango, Part 1 08.14.2018
Crossing Colorado in Search of the Desert West 08.13.2018
Crushin' on Colorado 08.05.2018
On Serendipity, Transitions, and Cadeau 07.18.2018
The Canadian Rockies Do Not Disappoint - Part 2 07.08.2018
The Canadian Rockies Do Not Disappoint - Part 1 07.07.2018
Making Plans and Making Changes 06.26.2018
Heading to the City! 06.21.2018
Old Dogs Don't Want to Learn New Tricks 06.19.2018
Driving, Hiking, and Family in Red Lodge and Billings 06.13.2018
Refreshed and Ready to Roll 06.09.2018
Another Epic Drive - Beartooth Pass and Dead Indian Pass 06.06.2018
Taking the Lonely Road to East Rosebud Lake 06.02.2018
Relaxing in Red Lodge 06.02.2018
Regrouping on the Gallatin 05.30.2018
The Grand Tetons and Teton Valley 05.28.2018
Exploring the Bighorn Basin 05.26.2018
Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and Bighorn Canyon 05.22.2018
Sometimes You're the One in the Way 05.21.2018
The Daily Rhythm of our Westward Journey 05.20.2018
Wyoming Wildflowers and Aspen Groves 05.18.2018
Beauty in the Northern Black Hills 05.18.2018
The Black Hills Rock 05.16.2018
Exploring the Badlands 05.10.2018
Crossing South Dakota 05.09.2018
Following the Civil Rights Trail 05.07.2018
Exploring the Ozarks 05.07.2018
4000 Miles, 12 States, 34 Days 05.07.2018
Landing in South Dakota 05.06.2018
Memphis, Traveling Slow, and the Kindness of Strangers 05.03.2018
Exploring Florida's Forgotten Coast 05.01.2018
Traveling Coastal Highway 98 04.27.2018
Goodbye Matt LaShay 04.27.2018
Life is Full of New Discoveries in Matlacha 04.22.2018
Mojito Monday in Matlacha 04.17.2018
Time Flies When You're in the Sun (and Drinking Rum) 04.14.2018
Living Life on the Intercoastal 04.11.2018
Travel Day through Central Florida 04.08.2018
Exploring Jacksonville and the MIGHTY St. John's River 04.07.2018
It's Real! 04.02.2018
March (Moving) Madness 03.25.2018
So How Much Can We Fit in the Truck? 03.19.2018
The Waiting is the Hardest Part 03.15.2018
We're Quitting Our Jobs in 23 Days! 03.06.2018
Oregon Plans 01.29.2018
Washington Plans 01.29.2018
Wyoming & Montana Plans 01.29.2018
South Dakota Plans 01.29.2018
The Amazing Act of De-cluttering Life, continued 01.29.2018
The Amazing Act of De-cluttering Your Life 01.08.2018
Family Photo 11.26.2017
Retirement -135 days 11.15.2017