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The Daily Rhythm of our Westward Journey

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Life has settled into a comfortable routine for us. It all starts with a travel day, like today, where we get up early, pack up Ruby, say goodbye to a place and move on to the next. Travel days are exploration days, sightseeing days, exercises in finding routes that avoid Interstates, and days to readjust to new sights, new geography, geology, flora and fauna.

A quick note in traveling in our truck, Ruby. It's awesome. We have a ton of space, really. everything fits in its place and its really easy to stay organized. When we hit a new place, we take what we need inside and "explode" out, making it home. But putting it all back is easy because we use different containers for different things, like with like. And she can take us anywhere, well almost. We get her dirty and it doesn't matter because we have that bag in the bag that zips our stuff in and all the mud, dust, and rain out.
We actually washed it down in the car wash the other day! We actually wonder if this isn't easier that van life or a motor home. For us, it really works. And Cadeau loves the backseat.

Travel days are followed by, typically, three nights and two days in a new town. We split our time between sightseeing and just enjoying the places we are. Sometimes its one day of each, sometimes a few hours of each both days. We get up a bit later, linger over coffee a bit longer. It's wonderful to travel at a pace that lets us really soak in these places. We see people in the small restaurants and bars that were in Badlands yesterday, Black Hills (Devil's Tower) today, and Yellowstone tomorrow. I've traveled that way and it has its place but I'm glad our life isn't that way this time.

When you travel slow you get to notice the little things, like how Hulett Wyoming (pop. 260) should be the Lilac capital of (at least) Wyoming. There were so many mature bushes all over town that the town literally smelled of Lilac.

You learn that Sundance has an amazing pizza shop. That hockey is not a thing here, nor baseball, nor basketball. If it's not football or rodeo, it doesn't matter. How 70 degree sunny days can quickly turn to 40 degree thunderstorm afternoons, much like Florida (except for the temps, of course).

When you travel the backroads, you get to know that deer can be anywhere... antelope like the open, high prairie...large_fullsizeoutput_19ae.jpeg
And rivers zig and zag so that you can cross the same one time after time on different roads and then you find it running right in front of your cabin.large_IMG_7785.JPG

How there are actually Osprey, Herons, and even Pelicans in Wyoming. Something I never would have guessed.

Fishing fits right into this rhythm - or rather - it seems like it will. It's a fun new hobby.
As I write this, Scott is in the Walmart in Gillette WY stocking up on gear. Two issues to resolve, however. We really have no idea what we're doing yet and fishing seems to be an early morning or late afternoon sport. Early mornings, well, enough said. Late afternoon usually finds us winding down in town or at our "home". So we need to figure that out but I'm sure we will.

Life is really good. We are happy. Nomadic life suits us. I think the West suits us. I asked Scott yesterday if he misses the city. It seems so far away - like another life in a different world. He doesn't and neither do I. We miss friends and family but that's what FaceTime is for! So, "what lies ahead we have no way of knowing" but that's how we like it.

I'll post about the WY Black Hills and Devil's Tower later, including more video, but this is something I've been thinking about and wanted to get down. Remember to subscribe so you get notified when we post new content and follow us on Instagram @arrradventures for daily pics and general silliness.

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