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The Grand Tetons and Teton Valley

Still my favorite after all these years...

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I remember childhood trips to Yellowstone and the Tetons. Yellowstone always felt like an obligation and the Tetons always felt like the destination. Time hasn't changed my outlook. It didn't help that when we entered Yellowstone it was cold, drizzly, and foggy. As we rose in elevation, the moisture turned to snow! Winter in Spring/Summer is not what I had in mind when I said I didn't want to ever have to experience another winter. Don't I look happy (totally fake smile!)

Even on a crappy day in May, the roads were too full of people driving too slow. We stopped at the West Thumb Geyser Basin on Yellowstone Lake before turning south and I'm glad we did because that may be all of Yellowstone's attractions Scott gets to see! We crossed the Continental Divide...

And made a beeline down to the Tetons and our house just outside Jackson and the sun came out as we drove to the house. Now that's more like it! And how about this view?!

Jackson Wyoming

Jackson is a cute town, though as it turns out not one of our favorites. Totally NOT dog friendly; they aren't even allowed in the town square (read that park). See Cadeau looking in longingly!

There are TONS of shops but we don't shop really anymore since we live out of Ruby and our space is precious and there are not many places to just hang out and waste time, which as you may have gathered reading our blog is a big past time for us. But the house we stayed in was located in a pretty valley and we were close enough to everything we wanted to do so not all bad.

Bondurant Wyoming and the Hobach River Valley

Just for fun we took a drive down the Hobach River Canyon to Bondurant, Wyoming.large_IMG_0518.JPG

The canyon was really beautiful. I feel a little like a broken record because we have seen SO MANY beautiful canyons but each one is special. Especially right now when the rivers are overflowing with snow melt. I'll spare you a video but here are a few photos.
And the moment we've all been waiting for...

The Grand Tetons National Park

On the way into the park, we saw our first moose.

Then we worked out way up the scenic loop, stopping at EVERY viewpoint to take pictures. I could do a whole album just on these mountains but here are our favorites.
This is a long view up the range from the south.


Stopped to take a walk at Jenny Lake, along with about a hundred Asian tourists. It's amazing how many Asian tourists there are in the parks. Apparently, most are from China. There are tour companies in China that are promoting a western loop that includes Yellowstone and the Tetons.

We also stopped off at the side of Jackson Lake for the view across to the range.

Spaulding Bay

We took a dirt road up to the viewpoint at Spaulding Bay.

The road was super fun and I got to drive it! Coming back out from the lake the mountain views were so awesome.

Then we took an every more fun dirt road drive down to the Snake River. It was mud puddle after mud puddle! None too deep and all with hard bottoms so I had a BLAST! Here's a little clip to show you.

Gros Ventre

We finished the day out going up to see the Gros Ventre slide area where a landslide in the 20's created a new lake. It was a really interesting drive and a beautiful area.
This is the slide area - the trees literally just moved down the slope.
And Lower Slide Lake, really muddy from all the snow melt.

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