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January 2019

More Family Fun in Baja Sur

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Continuing in the first part of this month, we were fortunate to have everyone together for one night before my parents had to leave. Scott's brother Carl and his girlfriend Diana came in on the 8th and my parents left on the 9th. Dinner at Restaurante La Providencia was just the ticket!

The next day Scott took the rest of the crew to the beach while I drove my parents to the airport and in the time-honored tradition of nothing ever working exactly as planned in Baja, we got a text that their flight was delayed three hours but only after getting halfway there. Not to be deterred from having fun with it, we stopped in Miraflores for their famous Lobster Tacos and Pitaya Margaritas!

For the uninitiated, Pitaya is the fruit that grows on the cactus after it flowers. They are sold along the roadside everywhere in Baja. Anyway, I dropped them off only to find out later that their flight was cancelled! But not to worry, the airline put them up in a beachside hotel in Puerto Los Cabos will all food and beverage paid for - not a bad last night in Bajahaha!

Was so good to have them with us!


We had a beautiful day at the beach with Courtney, Morgan, Carl, and Diana the next day. A batch of orange crushes got everyone in a good mood and I got everyone in the water (well almost!). As per usual, the noodles were a big hit! Best five dollars at Walmart EVER!

The McClures were styling in black...

But Diana and I added the color!

CaƱon de La Zorra

We all took an adventure out to the canyon and the famous waterfall pools outside of Santiago. It's about 15 km outside Santiago on dirt roads through beautiful cactus lands until you get to the parking area. After a steep walk down a trail and rock stairs cut into the side of the canyon, you reach the waterfall. The hike down is spectacular marred only by the fact you know you have to go back up!

The pools are cold but refreshing and so clear.

Of course, a few of us had to do the jump off the big rocks into the pools!

Carl looked a little skeptical but he did it!

It was a fun, warm, and beautiful day.

Cabo San Lucas

The girls had to fly out Sunday so we decided to take them for an overnight in Cabo before they left. We spent the day at Blue Marlin Ibiza beach club, our favorite, living like the rich and famous.

The girls did the tour out to the Arco...

...and we partied in the pool until sunset!

After that, we had another day with Carl and Diana but unfortunately it was one of the four rainy days we've had in five months! It was a good excuse for us all to relax and unwind. We dropped them at the airport and were on our own again. It was so great to see everyone and to spend quality time here in little La Ribera.

We've made the most of these last two weeks and I have another post queued up all about Arrradventures. Stay tuned!

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Wasting Away the Days Down in Baja

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I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted a new entry. Time has been flying by as we entered our last month in Baja and have had the holidays and family visits.


Our good friend and my "adopted" little brother from D.C., Timothy, came to visit us in La Paz for Christmas. We had a blast and it was a great excuse to visit our favorite beaches and places one more time as we shared them with him.

Scott also shared his favorite nap spot!


A few nights before Christmas, La Paz had parades in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A lighted boat parade and a parade of decorated old Baja trucks!

We spent Christmas Eve with our La Paz friends, James, Joe, and Wendy, and Tim having dinner (and let's just say more than one bottle of Tequila) at our house. It was an awesome night of great food (thanks Wendy) and great friends. We felt very lucky to have yet another "family" to share it with.

Christmas Day we headed down to Cabo San Lucas to hang out at the beach clubs and eat dozens of tacos at Taco Guus!

Then we said goodbye to Tim and headed back to La Paz to get ready for our next adventure.


After four months, it was finally time to say goodbye. Last sunset and last view of our La Paz home.

It was truly bittersweet. We learned its streets and shops and restaurants but also its people, its beaches, it rhythms, and we were enveloped in the warmth of its sun and its people. Saying goodbye was like leaving home all over again. A special shout out to James Williamson who showed us the best of Baja. If you're ever in La Paz, look him up. He is a genuine human being and a great travel guide.


But on we went. We packed all of our belongings, minus a few we left behind with friends, back into Ruby and drove two hours south to our new home in La Ribera. Our last home in Baja. It's a big, beautiful home with a top deck that gives us 360 degree views of the town, the Sea of Cortez, and the mountains.

It also is a great place for photos and sunsets!

The weather has been off an on. If the sun is out and the wind isn't blowing too hard, it's still beach weather.

If it's windy and cloudy, it's fleece and jeans.
Apologies to Morgan for using this photo. As you can tell from the photo above she is neither overweight nor pregnant just had a wardrobe malfunction! It was windy!

La Ribera is a small, quiet fishing village and brings the charms those things provide. Roosters, dogs, and horses roaming loose in the streets.

A deserted beach we have mostly to ourselves.

A small but serviceable market and family run restaurants and small shops that sell fresh empanadas and burritos. It also is serviced by local farmers that bring their goods through the streets. We've had "the organic farmer" stop by with beautiful produce and the fruit guy come by with bags of local oranges and grapefruits. Fresh squeezed juice is a daily ritual since it's all in season right now. Alas there is also a mango farm nearby but they are not in season.


Wayne and Dorothy Bondurant (aka Mom and Dad)
The day after we arrived, we picked up my parents at the airport and began the process of settling into two weeks of family visits. My parents are "off-roaders" from way back when they had their own little jeep in Colorado so we started out by doing the Baja Backroads (sand roads) to a remote lighthouse beach. The day was windy but it was sunny and warm.

My parents drove the length of the Baja in their motor home 25 years ago so they are no stranger to it but it has changed a lot since their visit. I should give them a shout out for that because it was their experience that made me brave enough to do it with Scott. You know, "if my parents can do it..."

They wanted to see the "sleepy fishing village" of Cabo San Lucas again so we did a day trip down to San Jose del Cabo...

...and Cabo San Lucas with them and needless to say they didn't recognize it. But we got out on the glass bottom pangas to see the arch and at least that hasn't changed since they did it on a jet ski.

Of course there were many more boats along for the ride this time. Apparently they had it largely to themselves! And more tacos at Taco Guus.

Morgan and Courtey McClure (aka our daughters)
Our daughters, Morgan and Courtney, came in the next day. We had a stretch of good weather so had a beach day and top deck days just enjoying the sun. We ventured out to the next, bigger town, Los Barilles for lunch, some shopping, and to watch the kite borders. Los Barilles is a Mecca for kite boarding with the big winds and waves and schools.

Yesterday, we took a day trip up to San Bartolo to see the mango trees, the large arroyo, and the huge Sacred Fig trees.

Then on to the mines at San Antonio and El Triunfo.

The weather was cloudy and foggy but it was an interesting day. The new mining museum was finally open in El Triunfo and was interesting if still a little new.

Today we pick up Scott's older brother Carl and his girlfriend Diana. So here we sit, again, having a miserable time at the Cabo airport bar.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad leave, then the girls, then Carl and Diana. At the end of the month Scott and I will have two weeks here on our own and then we ditch everything that doesn't fit into our backpacks and start back up the Baja for whale watching and then on to L.A. for vaccinations, saying goodbye to Ruby, and our flight out to Colombia.

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