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La Paz 4.0

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Pressured by increased user demands, available new features, and ongoing constraints, we've upgraded our Baja Life once again.

Baja Life 1.0, debuted back in September 2018-January 2019 and is well documented here on the Blog. Baja Life 2.0 (March-April 2020) was essentially just a reboot of 1.0 on a temporary basis until we could get the right parameters in place for 3.0. The need for 2.0 is documented here and what its features are can be found here. For Baja Life 3.0, we made major upgrades to a new house, new friends, a new dog, and a new car. We were hoping that 3.0 would be our last upgrade before we could move on to new projects but it was not to be. And maybe that was good for us in the crazy way that Covid can bring good change and new appreciation to basic pleasures in a way our pre-Covid life may have overlooked.

So here we are at Baja Life 4.0. Our travel nemesis Covid-19 is still with us all and unfortunately seems to be making a comeback. We remain largely unaffected, though we now know people who have been sick and even a couple that have died. It seems to be touching us all and reminding us that life is not going to be "normal" again any time soon. And so we continue in the new normal. It's been hard, especially for me I suppose, to come to terms with not being in control of my future. I can honestly say I'm lucky enough that I don't think I've ever felt like this before. It's been a weird adjustment in many ways but, like anything, it's also had an upside if viewed in a favorable light. Accepting that we will be in La Paz for the foreseeable future has allowed us to really invest in our life here and I don't think 4.0 would have been possible without that shift in thinking.

On to the highlights of this new release!


While we loved living in Playa Posada, being near the beach and good friends, the house itself had become a bit claustrophobic. Our outdoor space was a walled in yard and while we did have a front deck with a view, we found we rarely used it. So when our lease was up and we knew we were staying, we decided a change was in order. We wanted a view, a pool, and more beauty around us. Hacienda Palo Verde to the rescue. Ironically, our good friends Jim and Rebecca had just sold their house to new owners who would not move in for a year or more so we jumped on the rental listing. It is an awesome house that checked all of our boxes and then some.

We even got a fire pit!!

The community is beautiful and the people are friendly. Although we're still working out some bugs in the "re-lease", we're going to be really happy here. It feels so good to be in a new place - even in the same place - and have new sights and experiences and build up new day to day routines. I'm obsessive about cleaning the pool, though people tell me that will fade. And the birds are amazing out here! I've added five new birds to my life list and we had a really special visitor in our yard and at the pool.


Another new feature of Baja Life 4.0 is our new truck Libby and we couldn't be happier!

Our beloved 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sandy began having issues while we were on a vacation with friends. She started overheating in a major way on that trip. Luckily, we made it back to La Paz but the problems continued. Doesn't help it's over 100 degrees most days. In any case, after exploring a few options we decided that we needed to replace the entire engine. We ordered a rebuilt motor from AutoZone. I still think it's crazy that you can just order an entire motor like you would a spark plug. Anyway, it should have arrived in five days but this being Mexico it didn't show up for three weeks. And when it did...they sent the wrong one. The wrong engine.

Also during this time, the starter gave out so Sandy was just parked at the shop awaiting her engine and we were without a car and really starting to question whether we should just buy a new car. We bought Sandy thinking we would be in Baja six months. Had we known we would be launching 4.0, we likely would have invested in a newer vehicle.

Add to this mix the following:

  1. we needed to renew our temporary visas by leaving the country and coming back before the end of September. We were planning just to fly to Tijuana, cross to San Diego, and come back;
  2. Chive and Rosie were flying north with four other dogs to Tijuana to cross into San Diego for their onward journey to Washington state and needed a human escort;
  3. and, we really missed our ZR2 Ruby and all of the fun we had here with her during 1.0.

We made the decision to buy a new ZR2. Of course the best one at the best price was not in San Diego, that would have been too easy. It was in Utah! Can you say ROAD TRIP!

So off we went, to fly the dogs north, renew our visas, and pick up our new truck.

Chive and Rosie made it safely to Seattle and their new owners.

Check out this short video of them in their new home.

More to come in the next post about our road trip in the US and back down the Baja with Libby.


Luckily, we've kept some of the best features of 3.0 - our friends and our desire to see more of Baja! So recently we rented a house for two nights in the remote area of El Cardonal, north of Los Barilles on the East Cape, with our good friends Linda and Thierry.

We enjoyed the water and sun and snorkeled fabulous reefs right from the beach.

We watched sunrises and sunsets and moon rises and saw the Milky Way for the first time in a long time.

We ate (thanks Thierry for going spear-fishing to catch our dinner!)...

...we drank and we got silly...

...and we made a new friend that Scott named Ent. large_IMG_5243.jpeglarge_IMG_5322.jpeg

We're planning more road trips here in Baja and now with our new abode and our new ride we plan on making this our last Baja Life release for another six months to a year. Stay tuned for more adventures. And stay home (as much as possible), protect your bubble, and stay safe!

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