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Living in La Paz - Yup I Said Living

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It's been two and a half months since I've written anything but like everything else this blog has been on hold waiting for a return to normal. For us that means travel but, alas, travel any time soon does not seem to be in the cards. So I thought I'd take a minute and just write an update.

My previous posts from here were Staying at Home in La Paz, when we were on total lockdown, and Locked Down in La Paz, when we had just arrived at our new home. So now we are "Living in La Paz" and I guess that says it all. This is life in the new normal.

We are very lucky to have the house we rented in Playa Posada. It's turned out to be a great location and a comfortable place to shelter and the sunsets are awesome. My plants are growing as is my shell collection.

Chive is still with us and being a good and sweet companion.

He got himself adopted with another sweet girl named Rosie and they are just waiting for transport to their forever home in Washington State.

Sunday Fundays are still fun, we still make Orange Crushes, the hammock is still comfy, and the hose substitutes for the sprinkler to keep us cool in the sun when we don't venture over to the hotel pool across the street.

Summer is upon us here with daytime temperatures in the high 90's to 100's and with more humidity than you might expect that usually adds 10 degrees to the "feels like" meter. It's hot! Needless to say, A/C has been turned on! The breezes still come up most nights though and we can hang out on our front balcony looking at the sunset and then the stars. Mornings are cool enough to be outside for awhile and to go for a walk and some days like today surprise us and we still have the house open at 1:00. We remember summer from last time we were here and it does get pretty rough - even for heat lovers like us. And this time the movie theaters are closed. They were our go to afternoon activity last time.

But I don't want to talk about Covid and all that has changed because of it. You know it as well as we do and I've gotten really bored of talking about it. Suffice it to say La Paz has cases and, sadly, deaths but so far we are personally unaffected and the hospitals still have room. Some restaurants and other businesses are open again and we do take out sometimes. We've even gone out for lunch a few times.

And after six months, Scott finally got his hair cut! I think the picture above might have been the last straw! Thanks Angie!

Basically we're just trying to be as normal as possible in these non-normal times. We've developed our daily routines and life here is both weird and wonderful. It's weird to actually have daily routines and to feel as though we actually LIVE here. But it's wonderful to have made good friends, some with dogs to provide play dates for Chive, and have a normal social life in our little bubble.

It's amazing what a few drinks can lead to! This is the license plate holder from the Jeep we bought from them finding a new purpose one happy hour.

And when the daily routines were getting to be too much and my wanderlust had me in a frenzy, Scott took me on vacation! Yup sounds weird I know! You may think "but you're always on vacation" but the truth is I needed a break from the everyday - day to day. From the normalcy of "Living in La Paz". So we headed on down to the East Cape and rented a house for six nights two blocks from the beach. Yay!!!!

We made mango margaritas with mangos from the plantation down the road, spent a lot of time on the beach, and just generally relaxed like we were on vacation! Still feels weird to say that!

We were lucky enough that our good friends from La Paz came down to enjoy it with us.

And I'll just close by saying Mexico is a foodie heaven. We have fresh produce, fish, and seafood; a great selection of imported goods; excellent bakeries, and the freshest preparations. Here's just a sample of some of our best meals lately (kudos to James for the fresh caught fish for sushi and stuffing the peppers we got from our neighbors rancho and to Thierry for both the fresh sardines and the seafood feast at the beach).

And Linda's expression about sums it up. We are living in La Paz and, for now, we are both very happy and thankful. We hope you all are finding a way to be normal and enjoy life in these crazy times.

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Hi Guys, it looks like you have found heaven. Love the pictures of the food. Someday I will get to travel more and I will get suggestions from you both, on where to stay. Today it is 70 degrees here in Hayden Idaho. Glad you are having fun. I am looking forward to heading back to Nha Trang when this craziness is over.

by randy lawrence

Hey Randy! Great to hear from you. I’m sure you miss Nha Trang. Keep in touch!

by mrb430

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