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Staying at Home in La Paz

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It's been almost a month now of being under "stay at home" orders here in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Along with the rest of the world, we are watching and waiting for the end of this craziness and making the best of things.


Like all of you, our world has been reduced to what's inside the gates of our little apartment building. Except for trips to the store, we are staying at home. In a way, Scott and I have been practicing "social distancing" for two years. It's just been us on the road and we've gotten very good at spending countless hours together passing the time in our own ways. We often spend days in "our house", just going out for a meal or a beer. So I don't think the isolation part of this is hitting us as hard as others. It's nothing new to us to use FaceTime to keep in touch with friends and family! And we're fortunate to be in a small building of six units where we do get some interaction with others - whether it's saying hi as they walk by to go out or meeting up on the roof deck for a cocktail at sunset - at appropriate social distance of course! These little interactions are priceless and make us feel less alone.

And our good friend James has been a great distraction. He's like family so we feel okay about bending the rules and having him over sometimes. We've had some fun times and good meals together.

Of course, we can't wait to be able to go to the beach and go on some of our favorite drives but that will have to wait for now.

So we spend countless hours sitting in front of our unit watching the world go by.

We are so thankful to have this outdoor space and our roof deck. When you slow down, you notice the little things. In the morning and the afternoons, there is an amazing aerial war that goes on in and around our little courtyard between the sparrows and the butterflies. The sparrows dive and twirl trying to catch the butterflies who dart here and there in an effort to escape. I can watch this display for hours. And the little Costa's Hummingbirds come to the tree and clean their beaks and flit around. There is the gecko that sounds off every night about 8:30. Sounding off just once but always at about the same time like he's saying "Ok bugs, I'm here! Get ready!" On the roof we watch the Magnificent Frigatebirds and Turkey Vultures cruise on the currents, get annoyed at the incessant chatter of the Gila Woodpeckers, and get excited to see a Crested Caracara outside of the desert or an Osprey carrying a fish home for dinner.

Some people say every day feels the same or that they all blend together but for us noticing these little things, planning small social interactions, and celebrating the daily routines of cleaning the house, going shopping, doing the laundry, hanging sheets on the roof deck to dry, cooking a meal, stopping for a fish taco or tamale to-go, these small things separate the days and make each one unique. And we've picked up our yoga practice again (Scott doesn't have any excuses left not to do it with me haha!), which helps with focus and feeling good.


As I've related before, as a virgo, it's very hard for me to exist without a plan - at least a notional plan. As we started to settle in here, I started to get frustrated with the uncertainty of all of this and the not knowing. When would be able to travel again? Where would we be able to go? It was hard to get up everyday and not be consumed with a feeling of being in limbo. I am so thankful for Scott, my partner in this crazy adventure, for listening to me when I said "I NEED A PLAN!" and helping us to figure out a way to make a plan when plan-making is unrealistic.

We decided to stay in Mexico for the next six months, no matter what course the virus takes. We rented a house at Playa Posada and signed a six month lease.

It's just outside of our usual neighborhood of Centro but only about five minutes away. It's a residential area on the beach. It's quieter and seems a bit more relaxed. We are really looking forward to having a house again! It's much bigger than we need but only $100 more than our current apartment. At $900 a month for a three bedroom house with three decks (one of which has a view of the water) and a huge back courtyard, we won't complain! The owner is from an old Guadalajara family with their own Tequila brand so that seemed a good omen, too. Ha! I can't wait to buy some plants to take care of and we may even foster a dog from a local dog rescue where I am starting to volunteer.

And we bought a Jeep!

Being in Baja without wheels is just not doable. And serendipity struck again in that the owner of our apartment, who lives above us, was selling a 2000 Jeep Cherokee in great condition. Easy peasy! An interesting side note - we are registering it in South Dakota. Small Clay County SD has the easiest vehicle registration process for non-residents. It's all done through the mail and the internet. We should have our new SD tags this week! I have always loved the older Cherokees and really wanted to own one back in the 90's. Of course I couldn't afford them then but now we can - twenty years later!

So we're all set to settle in and just live life here. Someday, we'll get back to planning what's next after this but for now we will be content with the amazing Baja sunsets. When life gives you limes, drink Tequila!

We send our best wishes to all of you. Take pleasure in the little things, make the best plans you can, be patient, and STAY HOME!

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Wow enjoyed reading about your life these days! Sounds fun watching all the birds and wildlife fluttering around you. I'm in Scotland and like yourself I'm not easily bored so have plenty to quench my curiosity!

by katieshevlin62

What a lovely way to retire! You inspire me

by Sebastien Courret

Much like yourselves our lives have not changed that much... We are always together every day almost all the time and we are usually not very social anyway... In fact we have met quite a few people (locals and other foreigners) since we got here ~ all at a distance of course, but still seems strange to be meeting people now at this time of the pandemic. Here people are still very much in denial and very casual about rules and social distancing. I think until it gets here for real, no one is getting very energised to take any action. So we just do our bit... at a distance. I do worry though that when it does hit, it will hit hard due to the lack of social distancing which is known to flatten the curve. But hey it is out of my personal control.

Your house at the beach looks lovely and airy and comfy and in a great location so close to the sand. Stay well and healthy and enjoy.


by Green Global Trek

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