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More Q&A - Cuz' Why Not

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So ever since we wrote the Q&A, we've been thinking of other questions we could have answered. So here we sit on a Thursday night answering all those questions you don't have but we think you should...and a few we did actually get!

Q&A With Cocktails

What's in your backpack, other than clothes and toiletries, you couldn't live without?
Well there are a few things...for instance we spend a minimum of two hours every morning over coffee, which means coffee is mandatory. So we carry our own collapsible coffee makers, filters, and always some coffee. These are the handiest of gadgets!

Then, for drinks, we do find it necessary to juice fruit, so Marcy carries the reamer. Can we just say if there is one kitchen implement that should be in every backpack, after coffee of course, it's a reamer. Our friends on the sailboat to San Blas were soooo impressed!

You must be prepared for the looks from airport security, however. I mean they think these are weapons..large_IMG_5881.JPG

So who knows what they think our reamer is! Of course it could be the insane man accompanying me that sets them off.

Finally...is there anything worse than warm beer? Obvious answer, NO! So we both carry our Yeti coozies! Scott stuffs a pair of socks in his and, of course, it's where I put the reamer. For those of you with a devious mind, the X-ray doesn't see through these and they never check them so...draw your own conclusions about what you might stuff inside.

What's in your backpack you could live without but carry anyway?
Ummm...nuff said.

What do you wish was in your backpack but you live without?
Scott: My Sonos speakers. But I find we do quite well with our UE BOOM!

Vanna would be proud - though she'd never wear a Stranger Bocas tank top!

Marcy: A pet! Wouldn't that be great...a furry friend you could just unpack at each location?!

Have you thought of any inventions that might be good for travelers like yourselves?
Bitters, a necessary ingredient of both Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, in ketchup-like packets because they are hard to find, expensive when you do, and hard to carry in your backpack! I mean, what would TSA think of that?!

What's the real key to your success?
Being able to feel at home in a hotel room! Here's a typical hotel kitchen - I mean sometimes we have REAL a stove but if you can plug in a burner - really do you need one? And an oven...really no one needs an oven, right? Wait we do have a toaster oven! A microwave for popcorn and nachos is essential though because everyone needs popcorn and/or nachos for the Netflix binge night!

Not to worry about booze, mixers, and fruit - they're are available everywhere. And hotels have ice machines! Conveniently, at this Hard Rock it's the next door down! Do notice, however, the full size bottle of bitters! I mean, really, shouldn't they come in handy carry packets or otherwise be standard equipment in every hotel room?!

How do you stay on budget?
Refer to previous answer re: Netflix and nachos!

How do you amuse yourselves given you can't afford to go out every night?
Refer to previous answer re: Netflix and nachos! And this blog! We sit on our deck and think up silly, alright, stupid sh%$ to do.

How much do your packs weigh?
Our backpacks are exactly the same weight, 26 pounds. That being said, our "day packs" are a different story. Scott carries 18 pounds of electronics.

Yes that's only 8 pounds less than his backpack! I'd give you an inventory but them you'd know we were crazy!

And then I carry the toiletries and pharmaceuticals - we have 11 pounds of those - including, of course, the very dangerous tweezers and snippers!

Really, I must digress here. I'm just so annoyed. Every agent has something they don't like and you never know what it is. We flew from Bocas TO Panama City with these but - noooooo - can't fly from David to Panama City with them. Can SOMEONE, ANYONE, please standardize what is allowed and what isn't? NeXt they'll be taking Scott away saying he's a danger - well...

Anyway, we normally check our big packs (never mind we bought them small so they could be carry-ons - we fly such small airlines that they must be checked), so it's our daypacks that get searched EVERY time. While Scott oversees the electronics search, which is an odyssey unto itself, I politely smile as they go through "Nurse Marcy's" pack and all the pills, potions, and dangerous implements.

They look at me like "what of this stuff do you use to party on the plane"? To which I think, "if I'm taking Imodium for fun, then I haven't had much fun in your country, have I"?

So this blog, it take time right? What does Scott do while you're typing?
Well... typically I write these in the morning and he's reading the financial times, looking at our net worth on Personal Capitol (it's an obsession really - are we up or down?!), or paying our taxes to the US of A (as he did today - you're welcome by the way). But tonight, he's DJing and mixing drinks - yep still grateful the ice machine is just next door.

How do you stand spending so much time together (i.e. Don't you get sick of each other)?
We're really good at ignoring each other for hours at a time. I mean - sometimes you just need some personal space - even if you are in a studio-size hotel room. That's what social media is for!

Thanks for playing along. We were amused putting this together - hope you were, too. Another night on the road, another new amusement.

Don't forget to keep up with us @arrradventures on Instagram.

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You guys make me laugh! And feel a little envious 😉

by Tammy Roberts

We always say we write this primarily for ourselves so we can remember where we’ve been - and obviously to amuse ourselves as well - maybe as a defense mechanism in case no one else reads it! Haha! Good to know you are and we can amuse you too! Say hi to Jim.

by mrb430

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